Product Photography

This project was for a new company that provides keepsake items to new parents and grand parents at the time of birth while in the hospital with plans to expand to local retail locations over time.  These images are for use on packaging, web, and print applications.



Warlock Motorsports videos
I am a member of an on-line racing community that is world wide.  When you drive in the Sim, you can find yourself racing against anyone from a long list of other countries.  In this video I am driving a VW TDI in a mixed class race and my main competition turns out to have been from Russia.



Motorsports Photography
From time to time I get the opportunity to shoot photographs for a car club that I belong to.  This ca be at a range of locations and shooting different types of cars on different types of surfaces, all trying to go as fast as they can.
Additional image can be seen at:



Branded Fashion Graphics
Cerulean KAT Designs & Leadfoot Racing Products

Two of my recent projects have included a bit of fashion graphics design work, one was just how the logo would be placed to continue the brand reach, the other was a crew shirt used at vintage motor sports events.