Synergy Marketing: Chevy Columbus Street Team

Covering multiple events in and around the Columbus area market for the Central Ohio Chevrolet Dealers providing access and information to potential consumers as a product specialist.  We provided access and interaction with 2015 Chevy cars and Trucks in target markets locations increasing product touch points and encouraging consumers to reach out to local dealers to purchase.


AMCI Global & NISSAN North America

Working with an international automotive client tasked with the goal of gathering data on the perception and evaluation of dealership brand expression from the perspective of the consumer.  The goal of this project is about helping to improve the quality of the interaction and boost positive brand retention and experience.   Using current technology to record the experience from the eyes of the consumer to find areas of positive brand expression and to help find the areas that could be improved for a greater level of success in the areas of sales and service.


BR Events & AT&T GoLocal U-verse
This event program was a lead generation and brand awareness for the AT&T service for the home.  We were asked to engage consumers and to see if they lived in an area that was covered by the service, sign them up for an entry for a iPad Mini give away and if possible have them speak with an on site sales rep.  My events were in the central Ohio area only.


Identity Marketing, Vivid Marketing & Peet's Coffee & Tea
Peet's was opening a series of new stores in the central Ohio area and wanted to keep existing customers in the habit of coming to their favorite coffee store.  We gave away over 3500 cups of coffee in 30 days to a happy community.


All Sport Sport Drink, Big Red Soda, Big Blue Soda
This was a nation wide tour that was about reconnecting people to the All Sport brand and also reminding them about the Big Red & Big Blue Soda brands.  This was part of a NASCAR sponsorship program that raced at select events through out the season.  This program covered retail and special locations and engaged a wide range of consumers.


SKI & Company, SKI Motorsports NOS Energy Drink, Fuze Beverage
This was a year and half long, nation wide program that was about building brand awareness and providing samples for consumers to try.  We were able to engage consumers and educate them on the brand and introduce them to the new products and flavors during the program.