image for digital brand elements page for Berchak


Crazy Dog Under the Palace
Digital Conversion for ePub & iBooks
This was project was about the conversion process from the print world to the digital, with versions built for the Amazon platform (Kindle) & the Apple iBooks (iPad) platforms in both English and Italian, and the start of a new story series.
(note: I did not do the art work in the book I just helped convert the pages to a digital format and build the eBooks.  You can find the books for sale at:
Amazon & on iTunes in both English & Italian.)

image of the main menu navigation for the Garrett sports DVD.


Dominique Garret Demo Real
Video assembly and editing
Dominique was starting the process of applying to colleges for a spots scholarship and was looking to put a highlight real of her work on the court together for coaches to see.


Hoggy's Email Header
Hoggy's was looking to add some graphics to their email marketing campaigns, I was asked to create some themed images that still had the Hoggy's brand message and a family friendly feel.